Our Offer

UltraBrowser is the next-generation web browsing solution that enables businesses and organizations to get closer to their key audiences as it moves consumers closer to the things they want to do on the Internet.

Having a branded browser will benefit companies and affinity groups immediately and in various ways:

  • Build brand equity
  • Increase reach and revenue
  • Capture market share
  • Expand market coverage
  • Make business more competitive
  • Offer value-added / user-friendly services

For example:

Internet Service Providers, Telecoms, and Cable Companies can utilize the branded browser to incorporate additional value added services, tools, and 3rd party offers to enhance the user’s experince and compete more effectively with rivals.

Portals and Large Community/Destination Sites can expand the reach, time, and frequency of users being connected to them thus increasing their revenue potential as they move to actually owning the user’s experience with their own browser.

Financial Services companies like Banks and Brokerages can customize a browser to offer one-click access to portfolio quotes, online bill payment, investment research, branch locations, and customer service; in addition, they can provide online shopping and drive traffic to their business clients.

Media Outlets like Television Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers can take advantage of their existing audiences, utilize their unsold ad inventories or promotional properties to promote their custom browser. The browser will serve as a vehicle to sell both local and national advertising/sponsorships as it provides additional time and space for transactions.

Employers can issue employees their custom-branded Browsers with proprietary links to internal Intranet content and preferred vendor sites for purchasing. Collaborative work tools can be added to the browser to increase communication and support other work related initiatives. Merchants providing incentive offers and special savings to employees can also be featured on the browser.

Educational Institutions from Elementary Schools to Colleges can integrate tools in the browser for teachers, parents, and students to be more involved, collaborate more effectively, improve performance, and offer e-learning beyond the classroom. Schools can generate funds through the browser: give students and alumni access to special services, exclusive content, and continuing education.

Non-profits, Charities and Religious Institutions can utilize the browser to support and supplement fundraising efforts with e-commerce, advertising, and ISP revenues; they can provide their memberships with the latest information about the organizations’ events and accomplishments.

Sports Teams, Leagues and Fan Clubs can create virtual communities for the loyal followers, offer the latest scores and news, exclusive content, on-demand archives, sell special section tickets and merchandise, offer fans special incentives and a chance to sound off and be involved.