Dual more

Who can use it?

Internet Service Providers, Online Communities, Content Providers, Fundraisers, Online and Offline Merchants, Small and Large Businesses, Employers, Fan Clubs, Sports teams, Celebrities, Non-Profits, Religious Organizations, Schools and Universties…

Think of the many channels that could expose your offering and produce bottom line profits for your company. If you’re looking to expand your customer and membership base, you’ll think of a potential partner for your customized UltraBrowser.

Dual Branding, Distribution Partnerships, Cross-Marketing Relationships, Powered By Services…these are customer acquisition formulas being used by the largest online companies like AOL with Blockbuster, MSN with Verizon, and Earthlink with Dish Network for the provision of Internet Access; or by search technology companies like Overture and Google with Media web properties like CNN, BBC,and NBC; or by financial companies such as MBNA in their partnerships with Nascar, MLB, NFL, NBA and a number of schools and Universities around the country providing Branded Visa Cards to customers and members.

Some come in the form of social or business marketing strategies, others under affinity relationships that reward participating organizations with portions of the proceeds generated through endorsements and/or referrals. It’s also called co-branding and sometimes bundling – where two businesses leverage one another for increased results. Now the same can be done at the browser level.

Why UltraBrowser?

UltraBrowser’s proprietary environment offers the best of breed online desktop real-estate combined with leading technologies and name brand content resources delivered in an environment branded for you and your partners. Both your company name and that of your partner or sponsor will appear on the browser toolbar at all times, linked to your web sites, giving you and your partner the most prominent presense and the ultimate stickiness – wherever the web goes, you, your partner, and your users are always together; thus creating more time and space for you to communicate and transact.