UltraBrowser  is a state-of-the-art web browser application that sets new standards for ease of use and features a host of advanced intelligence systems and innovative technologies.

UltraBrowser’s 9.0 edition is a small browser application (800kb) with:

  • An integrated Pop-up Blocker
  • A built-in multi-search functionality
  • A web based bookmark manager
  • A global media directory (TV, Radio, Music, Newspapers)
  • One click access to popular instant messengers
  • Easy access to default email applications and multiple web mail services.
  • Web document translations (Eight languages)

Browser Branded Components

  • Main Toolbar
  • Default Starting Page
  • Channel Directories
  • Desktop Icon
  • Splash Screen / Login Screen
  • Directory pages
  • Download Page
  • Browser Recommendation Page (Send Browser to a Friend)
  • Installation Software

Customization and Integration

  • ISP Dialer Software
  • Single Sign-on Platforms
  • Enterprise Portal Software
  • Search Engines
  • Chat and Instant Messenger Software
  • Mail, Calendar, and Task Management Tools
  • Media Players
  • Ad Serving Technologies
  • Content and Portal Directories