What is the Internet if not a marketplace? Buy, trade, sell, advertise -- this is the mantra of the modem. And UltraBrowser™ is the web's answer to Times Square. We've gone beyond banners.

UltraBrowser features a rich media rotating UltraBillboard, interactive Showcase Centers and Banner advertising that generate online income for you.


Significant portion of all the revenue generated by advertising sales of the UltraBillboard, UltraShowcase Centers, Banner advertising, sponsorship and channels on your customized browser is yours to keep.


Plus, UltraBrowser gives you a percentage of commissions earned from purchases made by your users at any of more than 1200 of UltraBrowser's affiliate merchants such as American Express, eBay and Amazon.com, to name a few. At a minimal expense, UltraBrowser is a convenient, consistent cyber-cash-cow.

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