As of right now, you are a brand or a club or a label. You interact with your customers or members sporadically -- a mailer here, a phone call there, likely some marketing. But why just knock on the door when you can move in?

Instead of reminding them of your organization, try building a true partnership between your group and its constituents everytime they go online.


UltraBrowser works with AOL, MSN, or any other Internet Service Provider as an online desktop interface much like a portal or traditional browser, but much better. Because it's customized for your organization , you have a permanent presence on UltraBrowser so wherever your members go on the web, you're a part of their experience.

This ongoing online interchange provides an unprecedented level of connectedness and loyalty which bridges the gap between you and your members or customers.

Using UltraBrowser helps build your brand as it narrows the hyperspace between users and content. In essence, UltraBrowser brings you and your constituents a lot closer

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